Lower Explosive Limit

Lower Explosive Limit


Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) detection for methane, isobutane, propane, LPG and hydrogen.


Lower Explosive Limit
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Server Room Temperature Alarm Monitor
IVF Lab VOC Monitor | Touchscreen Display
Duct Mounting Humidity Temperature Monitor
Volatile Organic Compound Monitor (With Temperature and Humidity)
Ace Instruments Differential Pressure Indicator
Hydrogen Detector for Battery Banks
CO2 Controller
Carbon Dioxide + T/RH Monitor
Duct PM2.5 + Temperature Transmitter
Oxygen Detector
Temperature Humidity Transmitter (Built-In Sensor)
Temperature Humidity Transmitter (External Sensor)
Particulate Matter Detector
Duct Volatile Organic Compound Detector
Volatile Organic Compound Detector
Duct Carbon Dioxide Transmitter
Carbon Monoxide Transmitter
Carbon Dioxide Transmitter
6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
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