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Product Description

The AI-VOC-TRH is a comprehensive IAQ solution focused on monitoring the critical parameters of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Temperature (T) and Humidity (RH). The solution is suited for the measurement of VOC in controlled IVF lab environments. The sensor boasts measurement in parts per billion (ppb), allowing users to further control VOC in IVF lab environments. The sensor boasts a fast warm-up time and high accuracy.

Ensure the success of your IVF lab with a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) monitor. IVF labs are dependent on precise air quality to protect critical processes. The Ace Instruments VOC monitor is the ideal companion, with constant assessments and reports of any threshold violations. It helps maintain the ideal environment for successful IVF procedures.

The instrument, manufactured by Ace Instruments, features a MOX-based sensor suited to measure VOC levels. The parameters are visible on a vibrant touchscreen display, with communication options of RS-485 Modbus or Wi-Fi with dashboard access. Enhance your IVF lab's environment with our cutting-edge solutions. From monitoring VOC levels to maintaining precise temperature and humidity, our technology ensures optimal air quality for your most critical work. Trust us as your partner in creating the ideal IVF laboratory conditions.


  • MOX Sensing Technology
    The AI-VOC-TRH VOC monitor utilizes MOX (Metal Oxide) sensing technology. MOX sensors are known for their high sensitivity and accuracy in detecting a wide range of VOCs. This technology ensures reliable and precise measurements of VOC levels in IVF lab environments, helping maintain optimal air quality conditions for successful procedures.
  • Communication Options
    Wi-Fi with dashboard access
    : The VOC monitor offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing seamless integration with the lab's network infrastructure. It enables easy access to a dedicated dashboard that provides real-time data visualization and monitoring of VOC levels, temperature, and humidity. This feature provides convenience and flexibility for lab personnel to monitor and analyze air quality parameters remotely.
    RS-485 Modbus Communication: With the RS-485 Modbus communication option, the VOC monitor can seamlessly integrate into existing systems or building automation systems that support the Modbus protocol. This allows for straightforward integration and data exchange with other devices or control systems within the IVF lab setup.
  • Vibrant Touchscreen Display
    The VOC monitor is equipped with a vibrant touchscreen display, offering a user-friendly interface for easy readout of VOC levels, temperature, and humidity. The touchscreen display provides clear and intuitive visualization of the parameters, making it effortless for lab personnel to monitor and assess the air quality conditions at a glance. This feature enhances user experience and ensures quick access to vital information.
  • Easy Installation
    The AI-VOC-TRH VOC monitor is designed for easy installation within IVF lab environments. It features a convenient wall mounting capability, allowing for flexible placement and optimal positioning. Lab personnel can securely mount the monitor on the desired wall location, ensuring accurate measurements without taking up valuable workspace. The ease of installation streamlines the setup process, minimizing disruptions in the lab operations.


Unlock the potential of the AI-VOC-TRH with the Wi-Fi connectivity to a web-based dashboard, enabling you to gain an overview of your devices in a building and generation of reports for audit purposes. The data is accessible via web browser from a device of your choice, choose to view it from mobiles, tablets or cast onto any smart TV for a bigger parameter display.

View Current Data

The dashboard offers a view of live data of each IAQ device with a parameter-wise assessment to enable accurate tracking of real-time changes of indoor air quality.

Graphical Trend View

A trend view of the data in graphical format is included to provide a detailed analysis of changes of each parameter. Select custom date and times for a comprehensive chart view of any parameters from: temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2, PM2.5 and PM10. The trend view enables informed decision making regarding IAQ levels with easy to interpret visual trends to monitor effectiveness of IAQ strategies and potential concerns.

Custom Reports

Know your air with custom report generation, selectable by device, by parameter customized to the duration required. Custom reports enable maintenance of logs for compliance and insight into the prevailing IAQ conditions. 

Unlock the potential of indoor air quality monitoring with our feature-packed dashboard for seamless display onto device of user’s choice and powerful report and insight generation.




Measurement Range: 0-500 ppm or 0-65,000 ppb
Accuracy: ±10% of reading


Measurement Range: 0.0 to +50.0°C
Accuracy: ±0.5°C


Measurement Range 0-100%RH
Accuracy ±1.8%RH


MOX-based VOC sensor

Digital temperature-humidity sensor


3.5" touchscreen display


RS485 Modbus or Wi-Fi with web-based dashboard

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