Duct PM2.5 + Temperature Transmitter

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The duct mounting particulate matter and temperature transmitter (AI-PM2.5-DT) is suited for mounting in HVAC ducts in a rugged IP54-rated plastic enclosure with an adjustable duct clamp. Powered by the latest in sensing technology, the instrument leverages laser-scattering based sensors for the reliable measurement of PM2.5 and a digital sensor for the reliable measurement of temperature.

Applications include indoor air quality monitoring for fine dust pollutants in offices, retail spaces, educational institutions and is well suited with RS-485 Modbus communication for the monitoring of smart buildings and smart industrial applications.


  • Laser scattering principle based sensor for PM2.5
  • Digital sensor for temperature measurement
  • IP54 rated duct mounting ABS plastic enclosure
  • Optional RS-485 Modbus Communication




Laser scattering principle-based sensor

Measuring Range (PM2.5)

0-1000 µg/m3

Accuracy (PM2.5)

± 15 µg/m3 (when concentration is <100 µg/m3) ± 15% (when concentration is >100 µg/m3)

Measuring Range (Temperature)

0.0 to +50.0°C

Accuracy (Temperature)

± 0.5°C


IP54 duct mounting ABS plastic enclosure

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