Model: AI-O2-Tx

Oxygen Detector

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The Ace Instruments Oxygen Detector (AI-O2-Tx) is a weatherproof oxygen detector. Housed in an IP65 ABS plastic enclosure, it finds applicability in oxygen depletion monitoring, food industry (refrigeration, greenhouses), biotechnology, flue gas monitoring as well as in oxygen generation plants and oxygen concentrators.  The instrument features a Japanese oxygen sensor with a long life (>5 years), with galvanic cell sensing and quick response time. The oxygen detector also provides reliable readings of indoor (enclosed room) environments to alert users when oxygen levels fall to dangerous levels and increase risk of oxygen deficiency for occupants.


  • IP65 ABS plastic enclosure 
  • Japanese galvanic cell type sensor
  • Reliable room oxygen depletion monitoring for enclosed space personnel safety
  • Optional RS485 Modbus communication
  • Optional relay output




Quick response galvanic cell type(Japan)

Measuring Range
  • Option 1: 0 to 25.0% O2
  • Option 2: 0 to 100% O2

Accuracy: ± 1% of measuring range

Analog Output

4-20mA retransmission output

Communication (Optional)

RS-485 Modbus


Built in buzzer alarm

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